What is Blōkə?

Quite simply, Blōkə is a lifestyle for the modern gentleman.

Founded in 2016 in Montreal, Canada, Blōkə—The gentleman’s grooming lounge—offers an environment tailored to men.  Stylish, modern haircuts and shaves, along with espresso, scotch, and inset TV’s in their mirrors, Blōkə is the go-to name in men’s grooming.

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Back story

Today’s barbering industry is built on principles of simple, no-frills offerings that were omnipresent in the 50s.  The 1960s brought an end to widespread traditional barbershops, as men started growing bushy beards and long hair that barbers were simply not trained to cut.

The last 20 years, however, has seen a resurgence in barbershops, led by men’s desire to take care of their aesthetics the same way women have for decades.  Men are getting used to a better overall experience—due to years spent getting their hair cut in salons—but most barbershops are still based on a simple, no-frills methodology.

For the most part, barbershops are just selling haircuts.  Bloke, on the other hand, is more than a barbershop…it’s a lifestyle. While a good haircut is a must, Blōkə goes far beyond, focusing on the experience and the process, with the goal of educating, grooming, and relaxing the modern man.


Blōkəlife is a lifestyle that all men can own.

To us, Blōkə stands for all of the best things that the modern man can be. Blōkə takes care of the way you look, thanks you for being a good father, helps you be a good husband and achieve work/life balance, and shows you how to give back.

Our clients may come from different walks of life but whether tradesmen, business owners, or school teachers, they are all Blōkəs in their own right.

Forget about the thugs and the thug-life you grew up with; remember the attitude, mindset, and gentleman’s way that helped your father and grandfather. Live the Blōkəlife.

Be more than a gentleman, be a Blōkə.

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Welcome to the family, it’s time to step up.


Demo Pedulla

Chief Artistic Director